Appvalley download & Install iPhone, iPad on iOS 12 – iOS 6 without jailbreak

Here is best and correct method Appvalley download and install to iPhone and iPad from all method, it is support for the new iOS devices such as iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and other iPhones also all iPad, this method is most successful for the latest iOS versions (support for the iOS 12 – iOS 6), if you use this method Appvalley install to your iPhone, iPad does not need jailbreak new and old iOS devices also no need computers or another instrument do for this installations.


Still new for the Appvalley several time we introduce to in this site, it is a suitable application to customize for your smart device such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, tablet, Windows PC. Click for the Appvalley for the Android, install Appvalley VIP.


How to Appvalley install for iPhone, iPad on iOS 12 – iOS 6 without jailbreak

You can follow step by step guide best method to Appvalley download and install for an iOS device with a video tutorial.

Step 1

Please open Safari browser of your iDevice & Type & search Appvalley.VIP.

Step 2

Click “Install Appvalley” button, already open web page.

Step 3

Click on Install icon.

Step 4

Now go to home screen on your iDevice and wait for the complete installing process.

Step 5

After successfully complete installing process you can see Appvalley icon on your home screen.

Step 6

Now you have to verify this app with Apple developer, follow below few steps to verify this app.

Go to settings -> General -> Profiles & Devices Management ->Fuzhou Yilianzhong Information ..-> Trust.
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video tutorial for Appvalley install for using above method



Appvalley add to your iPhone and iPad using Safari browser

we will thing may be you have idea about Appvalley app store but here we are ready some introduce to new user for this amazing app store. Appvalley is number one application for comfortable with iPhone, iPad, Android and PC, any time you can install Games, Apps, wallpaper, ringtones and other, this is best method Appvalley app for your iOS device, you can follow step by step guide to complete this method.

`what is advantage when you add Appvalley for your device

If you add appvalley for your iOS device using Safari browser it is good for the all this application users you can get any updated, any news and other thing including this application, if you can go to Appvalley site day to day or after several hour sometime there will be latest app Games and other included of Appvalley, do not worry about jailbreak or unjailbreak your idevice to add this app your iDevice.

Step by step guide successfully add Appvalley for iPhone, iPad

Bellow you can follow simple few step how to successfully adding Appvalley app for your home screen of iPhone, iPad without jailbreak.

Step 1

Open Safari browser and seach on your idevice.

Step 2

Click on the Arrow key like image.


Step 3

Click now Add to Home Screen.

Step 4

Please type Appvalley  on typing aria as bellow.

Step 5

After successfully follow above step you can see appvalley icon on your home screen.

Appvalley VIP download and install

What is Appvalley VIP

Appvalley VIP is a more alternative app store for Google Play store and Apple App store, deferent one is after download install VIP app store no need pay any money, it is the support to download and install any type of Games, applications, wallpapers, ringtones in only this place. Appvalley is the most popular app these days between few best applications.


What are the other alternative VIP apps with Appvalley VIP

Several alternative VIP apps are available same too with this amazing applications there are vShare VIP, TutuApp VIP, .. etc 100 millions of users already download and install to their iPhones and iPads.


What are the supporting devices for Appvalley VIP store

This not only support for the iPhone, iPad, Appvalley app store support to the Android devices and Windows PC, when it download and install for the iPhone, iPad jailbreak your device and also support to the latest version of the iOS versions, if you need Appvalley VIP to install to Android device, don’t think about Android model or android version in your Android device, this our website support to appvalley download and install iOS and Android devices.

What are the Apps available on Appvalley VIP Apk Store

AirShou Screen Recorder: it is the app of the screen recorder for the iPhone, iPad you can AirShou recorder download and install without jailbreak and cost.




Super Mario Run,


Instagram ++

Mimo ++,

Dezzer ++,

Spotify ++

Appvalley VIP download for iPhone, iPad

Appvalley VIP download for Android device.

Video tutorial for Appvalley VIP download Install for iPhone, iPad

bellow you can follow step by step guide How to install Appvalley VIP for your iOS device